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Current Promotions & Offers

To take away some of the stress of opening your first online store we are offering a GREAT 1 time promotion.  Either of these promotions are available to accounts signing up for a 3 month term.

Free custom logo with new account!

As you setup a new online store, we understand some of the frustrations that you must be going through and we want to help.  Many online shopping cart applications will come without a great design or setup.  We have made this decision easy for you and include FREE, a logo design in each and every new storefront ordered(For a limited time). View Packages

$499 store setup

Save over $1,000 dollars! For the existing business owner who wants to get off the ground running we have a very exciting promotional offer.  This is our $1,899 web setup package that includes a 4 comparison logo package, 100 product setup, and checkout configuration.  What this means in laymans terms is the site will look great and accept orders! Check out Renu Yoga !

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