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Open an Online Store

Opening your first online store is never easy, as it takes time, and most small business don't have a lot of time.  The beauty of a service like ours is that we are here to help you through the tough times.  We have been building online stores for over 6 years and we know how to do it right and do it securely.

Call us today (866) 611-4849

Create a plan before you build your online store

Having a solid plan is a great idea for any store, whether online or traditional.  Having a well thought out plan will allow your business to take advantage of the competition and find areas where your business can grow and be profitable.

Know what you plan to sell

Knowing what products you should sell is the next challenge.  If you have a traditional retail store, you may already have a lot of products to sell online.  What you will need to do next is find out if you are permitted to sell those products online as many manufactures restrict online sales of their products.

Get a great design or look for your storefront

The look for your website will determine the success of your online store.  Our shopping cart software has been designed to allow you to implement any storefront that you choose.  You can also use our design team to implement your store, or have your own designer work on the store.  And don't worry if you are a do-it-yourself minded person, you can do that also.  You can have a lot of great fun working on setting up store and selling your first products online.

Load products & configure shopping cart

We have made loading your online store a breeze with our product load feature.  This feature will allow you to put your products into an Excel spreadsheet and upload them directly into the storefront.  Learn more about bulk product upload.   There are over 100 easily configuarable shopping cart options available to you.  Once you get your design picked, products uploaded you should configure the options of the ecommerce store.  The store is easy to configure with a series of "Yes" and "No" questions to lead you along the way.

Test ordering process & begin to market your online store

Once the site has been completely setup, you will want to test the functionality to ensure that it is working as you expected.  A good test that all store owners should frequently perform is to shop and order as if you were a real customer.  This will help you to identify items that you may revise as your store grows and to ensure that the store is functioning as you expected.

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