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Get a Merchant Account

Setup a merchant account and start accepting payments online in 24 hours.  You can fill out the application online start moving your business in the right direction.

$0.00 Setup Fee

$0.00 Annual Fee

$0.00 Internet Setup Fee

Start accepting Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and Diners Card online for your online store.  Once your merchant account is approved, you will be able to have credit cards charge automatically from your web site, using our shopping cart storefront.  We have made the process that simple for our customers.

1.)  Our software has been desinged to work with a number of merchant accounts and gateways.  Your business must have a merchant account and gateway, in your own name, prior to accepting credit cards. Please note that the application process differs with each bank, and can take 1-4 weeks for approval.  Biz Shopping Cart Inc, does not offer 3rd party processing of orders.

2.)  You may Apply thru BankCardServicesWorldwide.com, Please note that this merchant account is provided by BankCardServicesWorldwide in Association with Bank of America.  You must apply online for the account, and all accounts are pending approval.  You will have to apply for your own merchant account, and Gateway to process cards using our software.  Apply Now with BankCardServicesWorldwide.

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