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 Shopping Cart & Storefront Frequent Questions

The following list is of frequent questions asked by our customers.  This list may not answer your question, and if so, please contact us at our office. Thank you.

1. What software do I need with your shopping cart?

No additional software is required.  Your site will be complete with an online administration suite.  You will be able to log into your site, and manage both your products and content.

2. Is web hosting an extra charge?

There is no extra charge for web hosting.  All of our online shopping cart packages come with a web hosting package.  The basic hosting package is valued at $44.95.

3. What is the minimum payment period?

The minimum payment period is monthly, and our lowest monthly service plan is $44.95 per month for a limited time.  With this plan you have the option to cancel your account at any time.

4. Can I receive a bill in the mail for my shopping cart service?

No, unfortunately all service accounts must be paid in full prior to the period of service.  We accept most major forms of electronic payment Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, etc...

5. How do I get a refund?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide refunds to shopping cart service customers.  If you have questions about whether the service is right for you, we encourage you to visit our online Demonstration site, or may contact us at our office.

6. My credit card statement shows Biz Shopping Cart, Inc. as the payee.

The Biz Shopping Cart service is a product created by Biz Shopping Cart, Inc.  This service was created after years of consulting and ecommerce experience.  If you have questions about the parent company, please contact our office.

7. Can my storefront be customized?

YES!!! Your storefront can be customized however you want.  Our designers and programmers can make any modification to your site that you desire.   If you have a question about this process, we encourage you to contact us at our office.

8. Do I need to know programming or HTML to use your shopping cart software?

No, our shopping cart has been designed so that you don't need to have any programming or design skills.  The storefront is complete with an online web design tool, that is easy to use and learn.  But, even this is not required.

9. What is your policy on Spam?

Any account that sends spam e-mail will immediately be turned off.  Any time that spam is sent angry recipients will notify both us and our internet backbone provider.  The only type of email that can be sent is called customer opt-in email, or normal customer correspondence.  If you are unsure about a batch of email that you are planning to send, and you have questions, please contact our office.

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